I wish i could be in a society where my religious ideals didnt create judgement.

So many Christians preach against hatred towards their faith.

All i want is the same treatment for those who lack faith.

When the day comes where i can express myself, and love those who differ.

I wont have a single complaint.

Today, I wish i could lie and say i worship a God.

Just so i could be abit more suitable to this society.


So i’ve decided to end my “questionable” actions this week

no more parties and such

i have something to look forward to

Hope is existent again

I feel something

and the want to not feel doesn’t sound enjoyable anymore.

Im not doing it to impress

or help anyone

i just dont need it right now.

i want to celebrate with these things

not use them as a mask.

Dry heaving over toilets

no sleep

stomach pains are overwhelming.

if i wake up to this same feeling

one more day

i dont know what im going to do.




Played 12 times


The shitty 192kbps version; I forgot that my hard drive was at home.


But this is ‘Ascension’.

Personal meaning. Yay.


From School

Here’s for those of you who want to hear my emo whining at school:

"8:10 AM

Im sitting in my seat,

looking out tinted window (maybe so we cant see?)

and daydreaming of warm beaches and purpose

This teacher is writing random 84762hjhfsdh” on the board

and im done looking at it

I’m so tired of wasting my time

I feel like life is set on repeat

and i no longer have any original thoughts (if i ever did?)

My art is becoming routine

My friends are becoming routine

and im getting tired of not having anything to look forward to.

I tried optimism

It didnt work

I miss waking up and thinking about what i was going to do today

now i exist

nothing more

I hate this shitty feeling

It’s 8:16 AM, and im ready to go.


Shop of the Day: Isn’t it just like the Joker to kickflip Batman when he’s down?


Shop of the Day: Isn’t it just like the Joker to kickflip Batman when he’s down?



why is it that i always seem to look at pictures of people that i once had feelings for, and then feel desperately sad for the rest of the day?

hmmmmmmm, to hell with myspace and all its photo taking people.

".dneirflrig a deen I"

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I take pictures and stuff like that. Im trying to write, but i suck currently. Thats all.